How to Use the NJ Broadband Map
A Guide on How to use the State Broadband Mapping Tool

There are many ways to get information about the broadband coverage for a specific area in New Jersey. Users can:

  • Use the layer list to graphically display via color-coding the number of providers, maximum up or down load speed, or one of a select list of delivery technology types.
  • Focus on a specific geographic area by entering an address, choosing a county and/or municipality, or simply by zooming and panning the map.
  • Click on the map to get detailed information regarding a point on the map, for example:
    • Municipality name, size, and population trend o Number of providers by square miles covered in the municipalit
    • Upload / download speeds by square miles covered in the municipality
    • Wired providers and the wired broadband technologies they offe
    • Wireless providers and the wireless broadband technologies they offer
    • Use the CIA checkboxes to graphically display locations for a select list of CAI types (must zoom the map down to under 30% to access this feature)
  • Click on a CAI icon to display CAI name and category

To get more information on how to use the NJ Broadband Map, download the guide>> [pdf - 3.48m].