Get Involved - Help Improve the Map

We encourage you to visit our website to use the map and help us continue to build more value into it. As the map maintains its value, it can continue to be used as an effective tool for state policy makers, businesses and citizens. Below are several specific ways you can get involved in improving the value of the map.

With a comprehensive, accurate and continually updated map, the State can continue building the value of the New Jersey Broadband Map.

Visit the State Broadband Map

Go to the State Broadband Map and find out what is being stated as coverage in your area.

Find out where broadband coverage exists in different areas of the state if you are planning to relocate or establish a business in a specific area.

Community Anchor Institutions

If you are a community anchor institution, take our CAI Broadband Survey. The CAI Broadband Survey is a short questionnaire designed to help us gain insights on broadband availability, affordability and adoption for community anchor institutions in the state. The data will be used to improve the State Broadband Map as well as the National Broadband Map. Access the ConnectingNJ CAI Survey via

Take the Survey