Workforce Development

As our economy continues to rebuild, broadband can deliver assistance and aid to help workers get back on their feet and excel in the modern workplace.

The benefits that broadband can help workers include:

  • Providing access to online employment resources
  • Opportunities for distance learning, online vocational training and resources to enhance their skill sets
  • Remote working opportunities
  • Solo entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Ability to share ideas online through social media channels and video conferencing
  • Self-marketing of talent

Using technology-based instruction for vocational training reduces the cost by about a third, while also reducing time required and increasing effectiveness of instruction.

Work is underway to build a new online national employment assistance platform to efficiently connect struggling workers with resources.

Also, conversations are underway to help eliminate tax and regulatory barriers to telework so workers can do their jobs from anywhere. Next-generation technologies are connecting employers with jobs across town and across the country. Telework is a pillar of the modern, digital economy. The FCC will work with other federal agencies to serve as a model institution for the private sector by aggressively implementing policies and technology that enable teleworking.