Broadband Advisory Cooperative

As a next step, NJOIT is forming a Broadband Advisory Cooperative with the primary objectives of the team to provide a vehicle for fostering communication between stakeholders to share insight and collaborate on ways to increase broadband adoption and use of broadband technology.

Below are the areas where we seek the team’s help:

  • Formalize NJ State’s strategy and goals on broadband related to availability, speed, and adoption
  • Encourage participation in improving the state’s broadband map 
  • Help identify adoption needs, barriers and how to overcome them for each constituency group
  • Help refine outreach / communication plan and messages to promote broadband
  • Help define what technical assistance is needed
  • dentify contacts from key target groups to promote awareness about the state broadband initiative
  • Promote and lead demand aggregation projects within the three target communities as a way to share costs and increase adoption related to cost barriers
  • Help OIT and the state figure out what needs to be done through policies and technology to encourage adoption
  • Participate in Broadband Advisory Cooperative meetings

In addition, to the Broadband Advisory Cooperative, we are seeking representatives from the community anchor institutions to help bring awareness to their constituents on how they could gain the benefits from broadband, and to find out what needs and barriers their constituents have in adopting and effectively using broadband. To learn more about getting involved, contact us through out online Contact Form