Broadband is a growing service within the State of New Jersey, yet despite that fact, the state has never undertaken an effort to map broadband availability and utilization within the state. Now that New Jersey was awarded funding by The National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program (Broadband Mapping Program), the state has the means to capture where broadband is available and most importantly determine its utilization (current demand) capacity and future demand for broadband statewide.

The New Jersey Office of Information Technology (OIT)

NJOIT was designated as the only entity in the state eligible to receive funding under the Broadband Mapping Program. Under the auspices of the program, OIT and its selected vendor will work with facilities-based providers of broadband services, as well as local government organizations and community anchor institutions, to collect, validate, verify and deliver certain data on broadband services available to end user locations in the state. These activities will enable the state to develop a better understanding of broadband utilization verses capacity.

Broadband capacity is a critical component for New Jersey's economic growth and life choices for its citizens and businesses. Telemedicine can prevent or decrease high travel costs, treatment delays and separation from family by bringing high-quality, specialized care to those in need regardless of where they reside in the state. eLearning, which requires quick up- and download speeds, can bring specialized educational classes to areas where it may not be readily accessible.

Through the Broadband Mapping Program, New Jersey expects to stimulate broadband demand especially among underserved communities that are in need of affordable, simple and direct online access to social services programs. In addition, affordable broadband will support small business development and improve digital skills among the underserved.

OIT looks forward to working with the service provider community and other constituencies throughout New Jersey on this program. This site provides background information for service providers, including reference material, instructions, and contact information. In addition, the site includes details on data format requirements and on methods for service providers to electronically deliver broadband service information. We welcome your comments and suggestions on the data collection and submission process and on other aspects of the program as we move forward on "Connecting New Jersey".